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Italian Fashion | E_Gò – Sonia De Nisco Total Look & white New Look sandals

This time I’m wearing pants and jacket by Italian brand E_Gò Sonia De Nisco. I simply adore white shoes, those white sandals from New Look are so much comfortable.  How do you like my round glasses by Ray-Ban? The simple blouse is also from E_Gò. How do you like this outfit?        

Fashion challenges with Fiat 500 are coming! Stay tuned!

I have for you some great news related to what will be happening in the next few weeks on the blog and there will be a lot of news. First of all, there will be lots of activities for you, my readers ! :) Officially I can announce that I am taking part in a very cool marketing campaign for the Fiat brand. From the moment I met my husband Sergio, I fell in love with holidays in Italy, packages from his family with delicious specialties from Sardinia and have familiarized

Chloé – See by Chloé Total Look | Luxury fashion blog

Today I’m wearing a See by Chloé set, which I bought in the Gratson boutique (KLIF shopping mall in Warsaw). As you know I love total look outfits, which I adore in one or two defined colors. Recently on the blog you could often see me in the black & white look, while this tiem I have prepared something different and more colorful. Along with my photographer Sergio ( we managed to find the perfect background for this photo session.  

Sponsored trip with Acer | Poziom 511 Design Hotel & SPA

Last weekend I worked very hard, so I was very happy when Acer brand invited me  with Sergio (my husband and photographer, 2in1;) on 7 and 8 May to a very mysterious event to Poziom 511 Design Hotel & Spa. In fact, I was not even sure where exactly we’re going, we had to go to a car rental in Warsaw, where Toyota Rav4 was already waiting for us. The driver was very cool, in fact he is also a blogger from Jaja w kuchni blog (the name expalins

Sunday memories

Well … It’s so funny to meet with friends and even better if they are bloggers :) We were in a pub on Chmielna and I can assure you they serve good coffee ;) The biscuit on the plate next to the cup of cappuccino was really funny, I am convinced that in Italy they would probably have a heart attack when they see something dry and so hard on the plate :) I like meeting people, especially when there is a lot of things happening. After this meeting