Sunday memories

Sunday memories

Well … It’s so funny to meet with friends and even better if they are bloggers :)

We were in a pub on Chmielna and I can assure you they serve good coffee ;) The biscuit on the plate next to the cup of cappuccino was really funny, I am convinced that in Italy they would probably have a heart attack when they see something dry and so hard on the plate :) I like meeting people, especially when there is a lot of things happening. After this meeting I had the next one, indeed very successful and positive, so it was another dynamic day full of new impressions. The pictures show my favorite perfume, I always have it in my bag. I think a lot of women have this habit. This Perfume is simply divine.

KasiaMagdaOlaMisiaNela i Aga ;) Greeting to you, girls :)


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