Quality by Missala. Makeup with Eduardo

Quality by Missala. Makeup with Eduardo

As I wrote on my Facebook fanpage, on Thursday I was on a makeup session in the Quality perfume gallery in the Blue City shopping mall. The makeup was by the makeup artist Eduardo and it was done using the T. LeCler. I bought a red marker for the lips in bloody red color, from which I already become addicted. It’s one of my favourites products I bought, and it especially works well when there is no time to fix your makeup and it’s needed to look awesome in every all day long.
I will not write much about the perfume store, because I fell in love with the luxury products right at the moment I entered the store.
I especially like the perfume Missala Qessence that emphasizes my “essence”. Mrs. Stanisława – the store owner – also stated that these perfumes really fit my personality. I was positively surprised at the precision with which she has managed to define my tastes. You can see how she loves what she does and puts all her soul.

quality qessence


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