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Quality by Missala. Makeup with Eduardo

As I wrote on my Facebook fanpage, on Thursday I was on a makeup session in the Quality perfume gallery in the Blue City shopping mall. The makeup was by the makeup artist Eduardo and it was done using the T. LeCler. I bought a red marker for the lips in bloody red color, from which I already become addicted. It’s one of my favourites products I bought, and it especially works well when there is no time to fix your makeup and it’s needed

Quality – luxurious fragrances

Do you think that you can find the best perfumes in Sephora or Douglas? Some time ago I thought it too. If you like being surrounded by luxury,you’ll love the Quality offer. I think they have a great range of exclusive perfumes, luxurious creams and skin are products of the highest Quality from all over the world. Did you hear about such elite brands like Amouage, By Kilian, Clive Christian, the Maison Francis Kurkdijan, Pro Fvmvm Roma, Puredistance, Menard, Visoanska? They are available only in