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RRS EYES | Mesotherapy cannula under the eyes

The skin around the eyes is very delicate and sensitive, so it needs very special care. A thin layer of the epidermis makes your age, lack of sleep or stress more visible. For people who want to take care of the beauty of their eyes and to have a youthful look and appearance of the skin around the eyes mesotherapy RRS EYES Eye cannula is highly recommended (1 treatment = 3 months for expensive cream). At first it seemed to me that I am too young for such treatment (I’m 26

Canulla Mesotherapy – how it works?

A week ago I was by my favorite beauty teamt at Happy Clinic. I love and really appreciate how my skin looks now, of course, this all happened thanks to dr. Iwona Krędzielak-Manikowska, who managed to restore the skin’s health and beautiful appearance. Canulla Mesotherapy Over time, our skin loses firmness, it becomes less flexible, which affects the appearance of wrinkles. The reason for this is a progressive loss of two basic building blocks of the skin, namely collagen and hyaluronic acid. The process of skin aging is inevitable. But