Canulla Mesotherapy – how it works?

Canulla Mesotherapy – how it works?

A week ago I was by my favorite beauty teamt at Happy ClinicI love and really appreciate how my skin looks now, of course, this all happened thanks to dr. Iwona Krędzielak-Manikowska, who managed to restore the skin’s health and beautiful appearance.

Canulla Mesotherapy

Over time, our skin loses firmness, it becomes less flexible, which affects the appearance of wrinkles. The reason for this is a progressive loss of two basic building blocks of the skin, namely collagen and hyaluronic acid. The process of skin aging is inevitable. But not everyone knows that it begins after completion of 25 years, I have just crossed this magic number. Loss of water and its storage capacity reflects the skin and quickly worsens its condition. To improve the skin condition the majority of women use skin moisturizer, or try to drink more fluids … But we all know that it will not bring that spectacular results. The only effective way to visible improve the skin condition is adequate hydration of its deep layers. By providing the skin with substances that will strengthen and nourish it, we are able in a relatively short time to improve its condition. Preventing aging of the skin right now, makes us to look younger in the future. Therefore, this treatment is also very good for women who are forward thinking. In my opinion it is easier to prevent than to cure later.

How it works?

The procedure is absolutely safe. Lift Tensor has a high content of hyaluronic acid, that has superb ability to bind water molecules to several hundred times more than their weight. This way the skin remains firm, supple and moisturized. Another advantage is the gradual elimination of wrinkles and rapid improvement in skin firmness and density. Therefore, canulla mesotherapy is a guarantee of the skin improvement on the face, neck and hands (smoothing and illumination) and natural look. In my case, surgery was performed only on the face and the results are amazing. The skin is very moisturized, smooth, the facial contours slightly improved.


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