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RRS EYES | Mesotherapy cannula under the eyes

The skin around the eyes is very delicate and sensitive, so it needs very special care. A thin layer of the epidermis makes your age, lack of sleep or stress more visible. For people who want to take care of the beauty of their eyes and to have a youthful look and appearance of the skin around the eyes mesotherapy RRS EYES Eye cannula is highly recommended (1 treatment = 3 months for expensive cream). At first it seemed to me that I am too young for such treatment (I’m 26

Canulla Mesotherapy – how it works?

A week ago I was by my favorite beauty teamt at Happy Clinic. I love and really appreciate how my skin looks now, of course, this all happened thanks to dr. Iwona Krędzielak-Manikowska, who managed to restore the skin’s health and beautiful appearance. Canulla Mesotherapy Over time, our skin loses firmness, it becomes less flexible, which affects the appearance of wrinkles. The reason for this is a progressive loss of two basic building blocks of the skin, namely collagen and hyaluronic acid. The process of skin aging is inevitable. But

Expert Hyaluronic Institut Esthederm – deep moisturizing treatment

I am a faithful fan of aesthetic surgery and cosmetology. This is not a big surprise, because I know the results of those treatments. Also, I have recived a lot of compliments fro you guys, for which I would like to thank you very much once again to dr. Iwona Krędzielak-Manikowska from Happy Clinic. This time I went for a very pleasant and effective treatment combined with a facial massage. The treatment regenerates gray and tired skin, helps to moisturize, lowers the roughness and restores the skin healthy

AGklinik – 22 years of experience in aesthetic surgery

Recently, I mentioned about the casting for a new TV program, during which you could try innovative treatments in the field of aesthetic surgery. It was about a face, breast or buttocks lift using threads, laser treatment of urinary incontinence – all are painless procedures performed without the use of a scalpel. It is time to explain why the offer of the Warsaw Clinic of aesthetic medicine named AGklinik is particularly recommended. Dr Gumkowski / AGklinik First of all AGklinik is a place with a long tradition, which in the case

Luxury aesthetic surgeries without the scalpel for free at AG Klinik!

Recently I am collaborating with AG Klinik and I wanted to inform you about the possibility to have free luxury treatments based on an innovative method of aesthetic surgery WITHOUT the scalpel! It is casting for a new TV program. All the details can be found on AG Klinik web page. You will be able to try the following 6 treatments (the value of each surgery is thousands of polish zloty): happy lift – face lift

Institut Esthederm Paris cosmetics and treatments presentation at Happy Clinic

Last week I had the honor to participate in a fantastic beauty event organized by Happy Clinic. Ladies could look closer at Institut Esthederm Paris cosmetics, which come from France and are known by best quality and high efficiency. The effects are visible immediately and the effect is long-lasting in oder to protect the beauty and youthfulness of the skin for long years. During the event, we could try beauty treatments using above mentioned products. The brand proves that youth is a biological process which can be re- learned