AGklinik – 22 years of experience in aesthetic surgery

AGklinik – 22 years of experience in aesthetic surgery

Recently, I mentioned about the casting for a new TV program, during which you could try innovative treatments in the field of aesthetic surgery. It was about a face, breast or buttocks lift using threads, laser treatment of urinary incontinence – all are painless procedures performed without the use of a scalpel. It is time to explain why the offer of the Warsaw Clinic of aesthetic medicine named AGklinik is particularly recommended.

Dr Gumkowski / AGklinik

First of all AGklinik is a place with a long tradition, which in the case of cosmetic surgery is not a common thing. The modern resort is located in Warsaw’s Mokotów, it is a modernized version of clinic founded by Dr. Adam Gumkowski in 1992. Dr. Gumkowski has numerous successes in the field of plastic and aesthetic surgery – his clinic and hospital were at the forefront of „Newsweek” ranking.

However, this is not the most important thing. The rank of AGklinik is best evidenced by the fact that Dr. Gumkowski made first in Poland treatments using the method of prof. Serdeva. This means the correction of face and body without the use of a scalpel, using special threads, which usually requires keeping only one puncture. This procedure is safe, leaves no scars and is fully reversible – if the patient is not happy with the result, the thread can simply be pulled out. In the case of plastic surgery this was of course impossible.

Dr. Adam Gumkowski is a recognized expert in the field of general surgery and aesthetic surgery. His career counts 22 years, during which the founder of AGklinik was been a member of many international medical associations such as the International Board of Cosmetic Surgery, International Society of Lipolysistherapy, European Academy of Cosmetic Surgery and the International Board of Cosmetic Surgery. He owns numerous prestigious diplomas and certificates (including IBCS) and is one of the pioneers of Polish aesthetic medicine – one of the first doctors in this part of Europe conducted liposuction treatment/liposuction, applying fillers allowing to reduce wrinkles.


Of course, the rank of the clinic demonstrates not only its charismatic founder, but also its staff – well trained, patient-friendly and rich in experience. What type of treatments are performed there? AGklinik offer is very broad and covers various fields such adjustments in aesthetic surgery, dermatology and gynecology, aesthetic surgery, oncology and vascular, orthopedics. This way you can raise eyebrows, corners of the mouth, to model different parts of the face and body, improve the appearance of the chin, neck and cheekbones, and lift the bust and buttocks. It is worth noting that Dr. Adam Gumkowski is a pioneer in introducing the latest technology, innovative treatments and world achievements in the field of aesthetic medicine in Poland.

The innovative methods rely primarily on stimulating the cells to self-healing, so that treatment effects are durable and really good. I heare about AGklinik from a friend, as a patient I am grateful to Dr. Gumkowski for professional help.

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