Expert Hyaluronic Institut Esthederm – deep moisturizing treatment

Expert Hyaluronic Institut Esthederm – deep moisturizing treatment

I am a faithful fan of aesthetic surgery and cosmetology. This is not a big surprise, because I know the results of those treatments. Also, I have recived a lot of compliments fro you guys, for which I would like to thank you very much once again to dr. Iwona Krędzielak-Manikowska from Happy Clinic.

This time I went for a very pleasant and effective treatment combined with a facial massage. The treatment regenerates gray and tired skin, helps to moisturize, lowers the roughness and restores the skin healthy and radiant appearance.

Deep moisturizing treatment step by step :

  1. Deep cleansing, regenerating and removing toxins from the skin
  2. Stimulation of the activity of cells by application of the cell water and special with a hyaluronic acid
  3. Lifting facial massage
  4. Deep moisturizing Expert Mask
  5. The skin adaptation to the environmental factors

The effect is immediate, so I went from Happy Clinic without a make-up, because the skin looks beautiful and radiant. The result is long-term, I think that from time to time a woman needs to take care of themselves, and above all to relax. I personally love treatments especially in combination with massage, because you can not get the same results at home.



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