Lace up heels & Kazar vegan bag | Street fashion

Lace up heels & Kazar vegan bag | Street fashion

Glam is as always unpredictable, this summer girls went crazy for the extremely sexy lace-up heels, but here you will see them only now, when the views from the window changed to beautiful autumn colors :D
Previously I haven’t found the perfect pair of shoes, to say true, I was not even going to look for them. Well, this was the case, until I saw those babies… These beautiful heels are everything, actually it was the last pair, so I was lucky and my decision was quite immediate, of course I took them definitely not for the fact that they are extremely comfortable. I am honest enough to say that for me no high heels are as comfortable as flat-soled shoes.

I could not resist because the leg looks so gorgeous, sexy and feminine and I already had a plan how to wear them – matched with my perfect boyfriend jeans. Recently, I even managed to buy a vegan bag by Kazar, which perfectly fits to the outfit from the bellow images. And how do you wear your lace-up heels? Have you managed to find your dream shoes? :)








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Lace-up heels – New Look
Boyfriend jeans – New Look
Vegan bag – Kazar
Top – New Look
Cape – New Look


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