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Cosmogirl dress | Street fashion outfit

Summer is getting closer and I feel that during season dresses take most of the sapce in my wardrobe. This Cosmogirl dress by Miss Trouble caught my attention, because it combines classic stripes with a modern and crazy cut. That’s how feel and am at the moment. Photography        

Bomber jacket and over knee boots | Street fashion

Recently, in my Instagrami I added a few pictures with dark lipstick, which sparked a lot of interest. So I decided to create an outfit specifically for the lipstick color and probably you will be surprised by the end result. You can purchase the bomber jacket in New Look stores (careful! menswear department!), as well as the sexy and ultra-feminine over knee boots. I embellished the Kazar handbag with fur keyrings, which recently became a real hit. I think they are very charming and, in addition, they are not made of natural fur, so I took them in order

Lace up heels & Kazar vegan bag | Street fashion

Glam is as always unpredictable, this summer girls went crazy for the extremely sexy lace-up heels, but here you will see them only now, when the views from the window changed to beautiful autumn colors :D Previously I haven’t found the perfect pair of shoes, to say true, I was not even going to look for them. Well, this was the case, until I saw those babies… These beautiful heels are everything, actually it was the last pair, so I was lucky and my decision was quite immediate, of course I