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Mineral Pools in Solec Zdroj | Swimsuit with stripes

Recently I was invited to the official opening of Malinowy Raj Hotel in Solec Zdroj. If you want to learn more about it, you can read about this event here. The main task of the hotel owners is to share the magic effect of sulfur for health and human body. Below are some pictures from mineral pools in Solec Zdroj. Photography      

Press & events | Part IV

There is a lot of things happening in my life and I really enjoy it a lot and I tried to summarize everything here, however it could happen that something misses, so sorry in advance for that. I attend a lot of events and have had a lot of interviews lastly for magazines, journals, so I simply could skip something. Press Trends Galeria Bałtycka I had the pleasure to write an article for a magazine, which you can find in the Galeria Bałtycka Shopping Mall and it is called “Trends Galeria Bałtycka”. You will