The official opening of Malinowy Raj hotel | Trip to Solec Zdrój

The official opening of Malinowy Raj hotel | Trip to Solec Zdrój

Last week I had a pleasure to be invited to the official opening of Malinowy Raj hotel in Solec Zdrój. I have accepted the invitation with a great pleasure, because it is not just another hotel, but a SPA center, where we can not only relax but also have some healing treatments. This place is in particular known for its medical sulfur baths. The first guests of the hotel were journalists, celebrities and bloggers.


The first day in Malinowy Raj | Live sound tibetan gongs bath

On the first day, I was pleasantly surprised with an unusual, but very purifying practice, namely with the live sound tibetan gongs bath ceremony. My passion for eastern culture had already begun before I was started blogging. Every day I practice Hatha Yoga and meditation, also the dynamic one. I have read and heard about the extremely beneficial effects of gongs and Tibetan bowls on human emotions and minds, but I never had a chance to try this technique on myself, because in Poland it is not so popular method and even difficult to access. The technique introduces the mind into a state of equilibrium and inner harmony. In my opinion, this is exactly what a modern man needs most. The sacred vibration of gongs is very relaxing for the senses and the body, after an hour session I went out very relaxed and feeling much lighter.

The press conference led by Agata Młynarska | Malinowy Raj

The whole event was led by well-known Polish journalist and simply warm and positive woman Agata Młynarska. I had the opportunity to exchange a few words with her and I liked her very much as a person, also I would like to invite you to her website




The daughter of the Malinowy Raj hotel owner Patrycja Kaleta, who is working on the marketing side of the family business, talks about the creation of the network of hotels and finding sulfur, which currently helps a lot of people with health problems. The company’s mission is primarily to help others, hence the price of the stay and treatments is very attractive.

InspiredBy boxes

During the conference I learned about InspiredBy boxes. The idea of the brand is based on the success of ShinyBox brand, with the difference that InspiredBy are composed by stars, bloggers and celebrities. In my room I have found a box composed by Kasia Tusk with my favorite Daisy Dream by Marc Jacobs perfume, which I showed on my Instagram.


Some pictures with my favorite girls. I met them there and we became friends, so I hope to meet them again very soon.






Classical and facial massage

After the press event and breakfast every guest had some SPA treatments and massages. I had a classic massage, which lasted far too short ;) I am particularly pleased with the facial reflexology, during which I was able to relax. This massage is done with pushing special marma points on the face, where we usually have the energy blocked. There was no lomi lomi massage.



The official opening of Malinowy Raj

I can recall the official dinner and opening very positive, mainly because I was sitting next to the charming Gosia Boy and Ewa Żmuda-Jankowska. Later in the evening we had an occasion to watch the performance of the Alergen music band and all guests could have a lot of fun on the dance floor. Of course, you could watch all fresh updates on my snapchat: glamourinanet.



This minimal red dress worn by Agata is so adorable.



The big opening ;)



Although I am not a fan of this kind of photography on the wall with a lot of sponsors, however when you are surrounded by the loving and nice people everything becomes possible ;)

And these pictures prove that it is always worth to laugh, smile, keep it positive around and look at the world with a distance :)




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