Fountain | Orsay jumpsuit street fashion photo shoot

Fountain | Orsay jumpsuit street fashion photo shoot

I love the Orsay brand for natural materials and great quality clothes.
As for the materials of which the clothes are mad, I am very demanding. Those street fashion photos were made at the fountain (a very pleasant thing, especially when the temperature is over 30 degrees).
You can also see a new brand phone and tablet 2in1 of Asus – Asus fonepad Note 6, which is always with me. I mainly use it for taking pictures, browsing the news on the internet and listening to the music. More about the Asus fonepad will come soon on my fashion blog.






Outfit | OOTD

Jumpsuit – Orsay
Bra – New Look
Shoes – New Look
Phone – Asus fonepad Note 6


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