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Workshops for bloggers #kreatywniezASUS | Synergy of fashion and photography

On 18th of December I had a possibility to take part in special workshops for bloggers #kreatywniezASUS organized by ASUS. The workshop was mainly about the knowledge of the quality photography, which is very important for me :) In addition, at the beginning there was a great lecture on psychology and motivation – “Success is the quality and motivation”. For me it was a good repetition and summary of all the elements that I personally use for blogging.

Canon Pixma iP8720 Wireless Inkjet Photo Printer | 2014 summary

Year 2014 brought my team a lot of new impressions and experiences, so I decided to summarize all the blog events in one place. Marketing campaigns Someone mentioned that blogs in Poland are becoming less popular. But it seems to me that what is happening is the opposite. This year I took part in several marketing campaigns, it is impossible to name all of them, so I will mention only the most important: marketing campaign for Centro – launch of the Vicini for Centro collection advertising campaigns for technological brands Colorovo, Asus, Microsoft beauty campaigns for Philips, Neutral

ASUS Zenfone 5 | Review

I really like all technological innovations, that is why here on the blog I often shows my latest discoveries. Often you can read here strictly about beauty equipment, but also about tablets, phones and cameras, which are undoubtedly of great help to blogger. Since some applications are not available on iOS but on Android and I didn’t have such a device at home, I started looking around for a smartphone like this. Recently I was at a presentation of a new ASUS Zenfone 5 smartphone and when the company offered me to