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Lingerie post | My favorite lingerie

I had and idea to make a lingerie post already some time ago, but I had so many tasks that I couldn’t manage to gather all needed. I really all kind of lace brasand in this post I want to share with you my most beloved 2 models. They look fantastic, not only lying on my bed, but also in real life. A black lace bra from the above picture is called Flower Chest by Senveniu. Zdjęcia Panties by New Look Boxer

Atlantic Event

Last Friday I participated in a lovely event organized by Atlantic. There were many awesome bloggers. Well, we spent great time together:) I adore the integration meetings like this one. By the way, I learned a lot about Atlantic. For example, a surprise for me was that it produces great clothes and not just underwear. Actually, when we speak about the underwear – Atlantic has great and huge offer. The items are sophisticated and elagant, fashionable and stylish. Atlantic is created for the women of all ages. There was also a