Atlantic Event

Atlantic Event

Last Friday I participated in a lovely event organized by Atlantic.
There were many awesome bloggers. Well, we spent great time together:) I adore the integration meetings like this one.
By the way, I learned a lot about Atlantic. For example, a surprise for me was that it produces great clothes and not just underwear. Actually, when we speak about the underwear – Atlantic has great and huge offer. The items are sophisticated and elagant, fashionable and stylish. Atlantic is created for the women of all ages.
There was also a presentation of an ideally fitted bra. It turns out that 80% of women have chosen the wrong bra, which gives such effects as hunched silhouette, inappropriate body proportions and even looking bigger or smaller than we are in the reality :) From now on I will pay more attention to such little details, which can change totally the whole look.
I prepared for you some photos.
Kisses to all bloggers from the event! Many thanks to Atlantic for this lovely moments of my life ;)



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