Visit Holland | Personalized Gold initials oNecklace

Visit Holland | Personalized Gold initials oNecklace

Visit Holland, is it worth visiting the Netherlands? As you know I have lived in the Netherlands for last 8 months, and I have the impression that I have not discovered much yet. First of all, I wanted to visit Amsterdam. Watching this city is a pure pleasure, but it is also worth going to historical placesl, to see historical and modern art.

The most important attraction, as I already mentioned, is actually the capital of the Netherlands – Amsterdam. I plan to see most of the famous museums very soon, like the Rijksmuseum, the Van Gogh Museum and the Stedelijk museum. For now, my tour was limited to walking in the city, discovering cafes,  found also my favorite stores, discovered nice places. I will tell you that the views here are really like in a fairy tale. Museums, however, are waiting in the line for visiting.

Visit Holland

Visit Holland – it’s not just museums for me. Honestly, I think that we will get to know the city, the local atmosphere and culture, if we melt with the crowd and go along with the hot current ruling in the Amsterdam city center. I would recommend to do this way in every town in the Netherlands. It is worth just to sit in a cafe watching passers-by, tasting a delicious vegan capuccino.

Vondelpark Amsterdam

Visit Holland – Holland is the local nature. Most of the Netherlands, however, are farm fields, but there are also beautiful forests and parks. For example, the most famous park in Amsterdam is the Vondelpark. I rented an office just a few minutes from there, which is why I am a frequent visitor to the park. Believe me the views are beautiful and it is worth to visit this park.

Bikes Amsterdam

Visit Holland – how to move around the country and in Amsterdam? Of course, on a bike. The fun is great, and besides, it is a very convenient solution, because the bike paths are literally everywhere.

In the next posts I will discuss the topic of shopping in Amsterdam, and also more about visiting museums, there wil be more photos of the city center. For now I leave you with some photos from the Netherlands with an interesting background.

Gold personalized oNecklace

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