Beaty post | Everyday skin & hair care

Beaty post | Everyday skin & hair care

It is very important for me how my skin and hair looks. I believe that beautiful skin, hair and nails are an integral part of the styling. Because of the aesthetic medicine treatments I received amazing results on my skin, now I try to maintain the results as long as possible with the help of the best cosmetics.

My daily care is very simple and the most important role plays the quality of the products that I use. These are generally natural & ecological cosmetics that do not contain preservatives, dyes, parabens etc.

Hair care. The best hair shampoo for dry hair


As for the hair the principle is very simple. I choose products without SLS, SLES, mineral oils, parabens, silicones. Silicones are very heavy for hair and contribute to their loss, so it is important to choose quality hair care products based on natural ingredients. I have dry ends and I always use a moisturizing hair products like Insight – it really works. Anti-Frizz INSIGHT shampoo and conditioner are great for my hair.

Moisturizing Shampoo containing organic ingredients: hemp seed oil seed, cotton seed oil, cocoa butter and extract of flax moisturize and smooth the hair, facilitate combing and nourish it. Regular use of shampoo leads to hair cement restoration and the hair fibers receive the adequate amount of water. With those moisturizing ingredients, I noticed that after a week of use my hair becomes softer and shiny.



Skin care

Cleaning the face. Solution Micellaire

Fore removing make-up I use a cleansing fluid Sensibio H2O by Bioderma. I am very pleased with it because it removes away the remnants of make-up from the skin and eye area perfectly with help of micelle that absorb dirt and at the same time leaves skin moisturized.

The fluid is created for sensitive skin, it is fragrance free and does not irritate eyes and is hypoallergenic. I really like that it can be purchased in large capacity, because a smaller package ends too quickly.


Lip sugar scrub

The skin of our lips is extremely delicate and in need of special treatment. I use a sugar scrub named Vitamin C by Eco Receptura. Nourishing sugar scrub for lips with shea butter and vitamin C very gently exfoliates, moisturizes and smoothes lips and so our lips become soft, smooth and moisturized.

Scrub contains a high dose of active ingredients and is all natural.

Facial scrub with papaya and Indian ginseng

Natural peeling cream by Orientana is brilliant. I costs not much, but proved to be a hit. Papaya whitens and moisturizes the skin, ashwagandha called Indian ginseng has rejuvenating effect and gives to the skin energy. Of course, this scrub is also based on natural plant ingredients and natural exfoliating particles in the form of particles of apricot and walnut.



 Vitamin C – Creamy Facial anti-aging Serum

Creamy Facial Serum with Vitamin C by Eco Receptura is deeply moisturizing, I will say this – it is a real vitamin bomb! Serum usually contains a lot more nutrients than cream, that’s why the serum is a compulsory part of my daily care. Intensely condensed cream serum-based on raw materials has a strong moisturizing, anti-wrinkle effect, protects against the negative influence of the external environment. Perfectly firms the skin, smoothes wrinkles, has anti-aging effect on the skin. Vitamin C – a potent antioxidant – gently lightens and brightens the skin. The skin becomes radiant and smoother. I use the serum twice a day – morning and evening. In addition, serum has an amazing smell that I just adore!

 Pharmaceris night cream with 5% of mandelic acid

Because my skin is very demanding, it needs a regular exfoliation to remain fresh and clean. At night I use cream by Pharmaceris with 5% of mandelic acid. Would I recommend this cream? Definitely yes, if we have problematic acne skin. After the first application you may experience redness and flaking of the skin, but it is a natural reaction. I noticed that after using this cream, when I wake up in the morning it is beautiful, radiant and has smooth color and if  any surprises appear on my skin, after application of the product, they quickly disappear.

Iwostin Solecrin, protective cream SPF 50+

Every time I leave the house I use a SPF 50+ sunscreen regardless of the season. This is necessary to keep the skin looking young after the beauty treatments and optimal results. In addition, the Iwostin filter is unique because it contains, in addition to complexes of mineral and organic filters, the patented filter Antileukine 6 which protects the DNA of skin cells from damage.

Iwostin Solecrin protective cream SPF 50 provides very high protection against UVA and UVB for sensitive and allergic skin. It protects the skin from from the UVA/UVB in 98%. For now, it is the best sunscreen on the market that I could find.



On the below pictures I have the striped New Look dress.





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