Gryffindor, Harry Potter sweatshirt| Street Fashion

Gryffindor, Harry Potter sweatshirt| Street Fashion

In this p0st you can see the next sweatshirt from the Harry Potter for New Look collection. The previous one was in a crimson color, whereas this one is in a beautiful clear gray. If some of you is as crazy for Harry Potter as I am, then you surely know how big fun and happiness can give such a small thing like a sweatshirt. :) They use to say that it’s not possible to buy happiness, but I am able to object this statement. People that say so don’t know what does it mean to enjoy every little and big thing.








Stylizacja | OOTD

Spodnie / Pants – Orsay
Szalik / Scarf – New Look
Bluza Harry Potter / Harry Potter blouse – New Look
Płaszcz / Coat – New Look
Buty / Shoes – No name


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