Sleep apnea | Laser treatment

Sleep apnea | Laser treatment

Laser is one of the best inventions of the mankind, as you know fraxel really helped me in restoring my skin health and return its natural beauty. I still get a lot of emails from you with questions on this matter. And just beacuse you could see the positive results, many people decided to finally change the quality of their lifes. I realized how often we can not find reliable information in the internet. I know that many people are afraid to ask, because they are ashamed… the reasons may be many, that is why I decided to touch the topics about the health, which are undoubtedly very important. First of all, I want to help those people who are suffering on every day basis. Of course, I wish you all good health!

This article is about the laser treatment of the snoring, the previous article on this topic can be read here: ” How the laser hels to improve the life quality | AGKlinik

Of course, I’m not a doctor, so the people with the right qualifications have controlled that all information in this text are the most accurate and authentic. And let’s get now to the case.

Danger for the health

Although studies show that men snore more frequently (about 60% of them do it regularly) than woman, but according to  CBOS research it happens to one third of women in Poland, with age the tendency grows  –  40 % of women in their sixties is snoring.

The snoring can lead not only to a divorce, but also to the health problems, especially with the cardiovascular system. Doctors are reporting that sleep apnea occurs when snoring, which affects the performance of the heart – causes hypertension and leads to right ventricular hypertrophy. For sure it is not worth to risk.


Until recently, the only method for snoring treatment was the surgery. Why the scalpel is required? Because the snoring arises from the palatal and neck muscle aweakness, which makes the air impossible to freely penetrate into the lungs. While during the day we are able to control these muscles, whereas during sleep tissues are relaxed, the tongue moves back and inhaled air vibrates loudly. Unfortunately, the surgery is a procedure involving a persistent throat lacerations and the healing takes a long time.

It is true that you can buy at a pharmacy a special camera on the face, which helps in the proper breathing, but does not remove the cause of snoring.

The laser treatment for snoring

Luckily, snoring can be treated in another way and laser is the answer. You can do this treatment for example at AGklinik. All indications are that this is the only effective way to combat snoring, which does not involve the use of a scalpel. As a result, there is nothing to cut, and the problem of snoring disappears after the treatment.

Why it is worth to do this treatment?

This treatment prevents the risk of serious diseases, improves the quality of your sleep. In addition, the procedure is painless, completely safe and is not associated with the occurrence of difficullies for the health (as in the case of surgery). Laser treatment of snoring occurs in three stages – first, fifteenth and forty-fifth day of the cycle – but each of them is painless, short-lived and requires no anesthesia.

The use of the laser ensures that the results will come immediately after the first treatment.

Photography: Porsche Brosseau. CC BY 2.0 License.


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