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5 things which I love about Cracow

Cracow is a wonderful city. I always thought that the capital automatically means the most beautiful city in the country. In my opinion is Cracow is much more beautiful than Warsaw.  There is also a completely different atmosphere, a lot of foreigners, calmer people, tastier food, or maybe I just have this feeling, because I spent there two very happy days in my life. 5 things which I love about Cracow Cracow is inspiring , that is why I decided to share with you 5 things that I like most in this city

CityTab Vision 7,85” 3G GPS. Review

Lastly, I was thinking about some good tablet. To be sencire, I didn’t want to invest a lot of money for a new toy, that’s why the main criterias of my choice were price and quality. Tablet is very usefull to me, especially while travelling and do not want to take with me heavy notebook (what a release!!! :) Thinking about tablet, must probably you will see in your mind a symbol of apple. Of course, Apple products are excellent, but they cost too much. Personally, I do not need to