CityTab Vision 7,85” 3G GPS. Review

CityTab Vision 7,85” 3G GPS. Review

Lastly, I was thinking about some good tablet. To be sencire, I didn’t want to invest a lot of money for a new toy, that’s why the main criterias of my choice were price and quality. Tablet is very usefull to me, especially while travelling and do not want to take with me heavy notebook (what a release!!! :)

Thinking about tablet, must probably you will see in your mind a symbol of apple. Of course, Apple products are excellent, but they cost too much. Personally, I do not need to show to people brands, I simply need a good stuff, which will make my life easier.

What tablet do I use? CityTab Vision 7,85” 3G GPS

My friend from Germany, who is highly skilled in IT, told me about Colorovo. It was a good sign, that the brand is also known abroad. Good price, appropriate size, beautiful design and features were the right assets I was looking for and for which I decided that the  CityTab Vision 7,85” 3G GPS would have been a good choice. This tablet can serve you as a mobile phone and has GPS.
If you are looking for a tablet powered by Android as the operating system, I can suggest you this model. It helps me a lot in my daily life, it doesn’t crush and works perfectly.






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