5 things which I love about Cracow

5 things which I love about Cracow

Cracow is a wonderful city. I always thought that the capital automatically means the most beautiful city in the country. In my opinion is Cracow is much more beautiful than Warsaw. 

There is also a completely different atmosphere, a lot of foreigners, calmer people, tastier food, or maybe I just have this feeling, because I spent there two very happy days in my life.

5 things which I love about Cracow

Cracow is inspiring , that is why I decided to share with you 5 things that I like most in this city or which are associated with it.

  • Vegetarian food – much tastier and much cheaper than in Warsaw. Usually I do not pay attention to prices, but this time it was too obvious. Restaurant called ” Green Day ” surprised us with delicious food for really small prices. Birch juice, delicious potato cakes with vegetables and cream soup with beetroot – it all tasted amazing. We also stayed at other restaurants  with Georgian and Jewish food, but none of them compared with the first one ;)
  • I have heard that it is good to take pleasure from small things, only then we will always be happy. Incredibly nice experience was drinking coffee in the Old City. Next to me there were walking a lot of strangers, I have watched people with curiosity. At the moment, nothing else existed for me but this beautiful place, people, taste of delicious coffee and the sounds of the environment around me.
  • I am a very simple girl . It is nice to have a luxury bag, but if I do not have it for sure I feel very happy too ;) I appreciate the simple things in life, because I want to live here and now. I want to get to know new places and new people and enjoy everything that I experience every day. A long walk in the city center was an amazing experience for me. I felt wonderfully at that moment.
  • Another place that I love is the salt mine called “Wieliczka”, which has more than 700 years. I had the opportunity to be only on 3 levels of the mine , but there it is much bigger – underground city has an extensive infrastructure, you can also get married in the underground church – original and romantic experience, isn’t?
  • St. Mary’s Trumpet Call, whose melody breaks off like it was not played to the end. Aura of mystery and a lot of legends make it a different experience, my imagination takes me to the past. I wonder how it was in year 1838.

During my journey I didn’t take my notebook, this is another reason why it is so nice and comfortable to have Colorovo tablet with me :)






















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  1. […] In the spring we went to visit Cracow. This amazing city has made a huge impression on me, I love to sit there in the main market drinking a cup of coffee and watching the people passing by. More photos of the city and the Wieliczka salt-mine can be found on the blog: www.glamourina.net/en/5-things-for-which-you-need-to-visit-cracow/ […]

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