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Amsterdam with Microsoft Lumia | #MakeItHappen

This year I had a very special Christmas, because I spent it in Amsterdam. The project was organized by Microsoft Lumia, and I had to fulfil one of my unmet resolutions for 2014. This year I wanted to visit a city where I’ve never been before, and whose style & fashion I wanted to discover. Here you can see how Ed has fulfilled his resolution for 2014: At the same time remember that you still have a few days to participate in the project too and perhaps Microsoft Lumia will fulfill also your wish: Amsterdam

5 things which I love about Cracow

Cracow is a wonderful city. I always thought that the capital automatically means the most beautiful city in the country. In my opinion is Cracow is much more beautiful than Warsaw.  There is also a completely different atmosphere, a lot of foreigners, calmer people, tastier food, or maybe I just have this feeling, because I spent there two very happy days in my life. 5 things which I love about Cracow Cracow is inspiring , that is why I decided to share with you 5 things that I like most in this city