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5 simple steps how to buy vegan clothes | Dortmund

In a previous post I wrote a few words about how vegan dress. But I decided to add something more on this topic and simplify the task for those of you who have decided to eliminate the clothes of animal origin from the closet by writing a very brief instructions – 5 steps how to choose clothes for vegans / vegetarians. Recently I have done some researches myself and some materials are not as obvious as it may seem. I like simple and concrete way of presenting things and that’s why I created

Vegan outfit for vacation | Pedra Longa, Sardinia

Is it hard to go vegan? I think, it is a matter of individual preferences and beliefs. As you know, now more and more Hollywood stars are choosing vegetarian or vegan diet for health and ethical reasons. Of course, having a personal cook, as rich persons use to have, helps a lot in this task. The hardest part is to find the right receipts and get used to the new diet. It is also very important to understand, that vegan diet as any diet maybe perfect for some person and unhealthy for