Vegan outfit for vacation | Pedra Longa, Sardinia

Vegan outfit for vacation | Pedra Longa, Sardinia

Is it hard to go vegan? I think, it is a matter of individual preferences and beliefs. As you know, now more and more Hollywood stars are choosing vegetarian or vegan diet for health and ethical reasons. Of course, having a personal cook, as rich persons use to have, helps a lot in this task. The hardest part is to find the right receipts and get used to the new diet.
It is also very important to understand, that vegan diet as any diet maybe perfect for some person and unhealthy for somebody else. That is why, there is no point in making a division for vegans and non-vegans. This creates only separation and conflicts and I think there is much better way to use this energy in a good way, helping other people.

Vegan / Vegetarian diet & yoga?

For many years I practiced yoga, recently Hatha Yoga, therefore, I read many books on this subject. To support progress of mind and body development, it is necessary to have a balances and nourishing diet. In fact, it’s not just a rule, but a way of living, basically you will feel that you need a change. So if you don’t feel to go for vegan right now, it doesn’t mean, that this will not happen in the future. For me the change came with practicing yoga and it was the process. This was how I started to feel the need to give up some products. At some point of my yoga practice, the body was demanding more healthy and nutritious meals. In this way, I was also interested in changing to organic kitchen, so that all food & products, which come to my house come exclusively from organic farms with appropriate ECO & BIO certificates.

The taste of organic fruits and vegetables is insane and I can not even describe delight in words. You know, how it usually is, you think that organic products do not differ much from those non-organic and the price is double or even triple. But than I analyzed some important points, like that I do not want to eat harmful pesticides and other harmful substances from non-organic food. I was also surprised by the taste of organic products, that makes a real difference. It also means that organic food contains more of valuable nourishing elements.

What can a vegan wear?

Yes, it is not simple thing to be a vegan or vegetarian in this cruel fashion world. I am very glad, that this trend is changing and we have more of cruelty-free clothes and accessories to choose. Especially it was hard for me, when searching for quality shoes and handbags, because there is a limited choice. Very often, nice shoes and handbags are made of leather, as there is a false belief that this materials means a far better quality. However, I think that we now have a great opportunity to buy good vegan shoes. All over the world people become more conscious and they start taking care of the environment and animals. There is a big choice of things in eco leather (not natural leather), synthetic materials or natural fibers. Some companies do not have in their catalog shoes for vegans, offering mainly collections in leather. Happily, more and more people take care of their health and go vegetarian or vegan, so the producers are adjusting their offer and are working on satisfying the needs of different customers. Unfortunately in Poland, we still have not so many brands for vegans and vegetarians, however you can find products from vegan materials almost in every shop.

This outfit, photographed at Pedra Longa in Sardinia, is very simple jet chic. I am wearing a denim dress by Orsay, vegan espadrilles and eco-leather handbag by New Look.







Outfit | OOTD

Dress – Orsay
Vegan espadrilles – Orsay
Vegan bag – New Look


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