5 simple steps how to buy vegan clothes | Dortmund

5 simple steps how to buy vegan clothes | Dortmund

In a previous post I wrote a few words about how vegan dress. But I decided to add something more on this topic and simplify the task for those of you who have decided to eliminate the clothes of animal origin from the closet by writing a very brief instructions – 5 steps how to choose clothes for vegans / vegetarians. Recently I have done some researches myself and some materials are not as obvious as it may seem. I like simple and concrete way of presenting things and that’s why I created this mini guide, or just some steps to simplify and help people who want to learn more about vegan materials and clothes.

5 simple steps how to buy vegan clothes

  1. We replace real or genuine leather by synthetic ecological leather, synthetic leather or leather imitation;
  2. If you do like fur, then the market offers a huge choice of beautiful fake furs of different colors. Be aware of “faux fur”, which can be fur of cats and dogs (when I have found this information, I also thought this is not possible, but after that read a lot of articles on this subject, confirming this issue, if someone is interested to know more, there is plenty of material in the internet);
  3. Silk is also a non-vegan material. Why silk? Indeed, silk is produced by the insects that survive in natural conditions, but taking into consideration the mass production they are cooked while still alive in their cocoons, thrown into boiling water. An alternative to silk are, of course, synthetic fibers, rayon, polyester and natural plant fibers.
  4. Down and feathers are plucked from animals, so vegans do not wear clothes, made with the use of these materials;
  5. The last, but important point is wool. Materials such as cashmere, felt containing wool, angora, pashmina, mohair, camel wool can be replaced by synthetic fabrics, cotton flannel or fleece.

The point of this article was to make a short summary of how to buy vegan clothes, that is why I didn’t write too much on each of the above points, also because if you are interested to know more, you can easily find information about any material and how it is produced and why it is non-vegan. I hope the list will be useful to all of you who are interested in buying vegan clothes.

On the below pictures I’m wearing an outfit suitable for vegans and not only :) Cotton dress and a long gray vest by Dorothy Perkins is the perfect set for visiting Dortmund. Eco-leather black sandals, could be found in the New Look summer collection, they are very comfortable and have a very classic design.

Photography Sergiofoto.pl



dortmund_ubrania_weganskie_wegatarianskie-5 dortmund_ubrania_weganskie_wegatarianskie-4
dortmund_ubrania_weganskie_wegatarianskie-2 dortmund_ubrania_weganskie_wegatarianskie-1


Styling | OOTD

Vest – Dorothy Perkins
Shoes – New Look
Dress – Dorothy Perkins


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