My first…. Memo Book

My first…. Memo Book

The outfit was inspired by horse riders. That’s right – I present you a set for the brave.
I always wanted to learn to ride a horse, yet I did not realize my dreams, but I think in the near future everything will succeed. You only really want something so much for it to realize;)
The classic black boots and leather pants come true sensationally bundled with a warm gray-red jacket with and original cut.
The shoes have cool steel items that are 100% my style.
In this set I have a very interesting addition, namely, is it my new Memo Book. I always do during the day notes to remember what I have to do in the evening. I like the stylish look of this notebook, and even more – a revolutionary paper inside. You can see the pictures below.

Jacket –
Leather pants –
Boots –
Memo Book –


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